Do You Dressup?

I think adults with trick-or-treat aged kids should take full advantage of the creative opportunity! I've discovered that I enjoy creating a theme around Austin's costume choices. (Ruthie should've been BullsEye to coordinate, but I had to dress her as a Baby Ruth candy bar while I still could!) Last night Debbie and I discussed that the reason we get into dressing up is all thanks to Tarl. Tarl's costume enthusiasm is contagious.

Do you dress up? What are you going to be? Or what would you be if you were cool like that?


Lost Comments - Ya, Yeah, Yea

I know when I have comments because I get an email telling me so. After changing over my blog I apparently messed up that setting. I just discovered I had comments tonight. What a glorious feeling to go from wondering, "where is everyone?" to realizing they were all there the whole time. Ya friends.

Ok, so does anyone know the proper use of Ya, yay, yeah and yea? I just throw them out at random. It's one of the big grammatical hurdles I've never mastered.

And if you're wondering how to switch over your blog (Rachel), just go to Settings -> Publishing. Then change the address to something like "portalj1". Then immediately create a brand new blog with the old address "portalj". Make the old one private and start publishing on the new one. Voila!


Ruthie and Finger Foods

Ruthie has taken the next step in finger foods: feeding other people. Lately she's finding more pleasure in stuffing other people's chompers than her own. Like most young families, Heidi brings to church a veritable stash of crackers, fruit snacks, goldfish, and anything else that will keep them busy during sacrament meeting. Today when she divvied out the bags of goldfish to Austin and Ruthie, Ruthie just sat in my lap, fished out a goldfish and stuffed it in my mouth, then fished out another, stuffed it in my mouth... It kept her entertained for a good 5 minutes.


Worst Hour of The Day

Announcements (blah, blah): I've wrapped up my third year of blogging. Yea me! In the interest of blogging security, I've moved all my old content to a private blog and am starting fresh. Anthony has decided to start being part of our little family journal by chiming in with witty comments - hint, hint.

Do you ever find yourself staring down the clock, urging on each minute, waiting for a better moment just around the next 'toc? When that time arrives for me, 4pm is most often the culprit. My blood sugar is low as I try to hold out till dinner, my kid fun ideas are used up, TV time is long past exceeded and the father of said kids isn't due home for 2 more hours. So I retreat into semi-coma mode. A child's bed becomes my cave as I hibernate the dreaded hour away with an occasional eye looking over at my (please be pleasant!) little ones. When the liberation of 5pm arrives, my second wind kicks in knowing the end-of-day process can begin.

What is your worst hour of the day and how do you deal with it?