Up His Nose

It happened today. That day that every parent dreads. The day their child sticks a small round object up his nose. Austin was munching on a bag of popcorn when Austin's nose and a popcorn kernel met up this afternoon. I investigated after hearing whimpering from the couch. It wasn't hurting him, but he remembered the warning I'd given him a year earlier that if he ever put anything up his nose he'd have to go to the doctors to get it out and it would hurt really bad. I couldn't get it out myself and so I took him in.

He handled it well until the scooper tool actually went in to his nose. Then he freaked out. It took 3 nurses and myself to hold him down while the doctor extracted it. Meanwhile Austin was screaming, "Stop! Don't do this to me! Why are you doing this to me?!" I was so relieved when it was done I nearly cried. Austin was equally relieved and almost giddy when it was finally over and the doctor didn't have to cut open his nose as he'd feared. Austin reported that he had learned his lesson and would "never never never do that again." After the trauma we out for french fries and ice cream to make Austin feel better - or maybe to make me feel better.

When I asked Austin why he'd put the kernel up his nose in the first place (he obviously knew it was a bad idea), he reported that he liked the taste of boogers so he put the kernel in his nose to make it booger flavored. Oh boy!