Rona and Other Sundries

  • Ruthie has become quite the little miss independence lately, and she won't stop at irrationality to assert her new attitude. Case in point, take our latest bedtime conversation:
    Dad - Ruthie, it's time to put your PJ's on.
    Ruthie - No!!! I want Rudolph (the current alias for Austin).
    Dad - OK, if we get our PJ's on, we can read books with Rudolph.
    Ruthie - No!!!
    Dad - Well what do you want to do then?
    Ruthie - I want my PJ's.
    Dad - Great, let's put them on.
    Ruthie - No!!! I do myself.
    Dad - That's fine, go ahead and put them on yourself.
    Ruthie - No!!!
  • The other day Heidi was in her bathroom putting on makeup and Ruthie grabbed the eye shadow from her. Heidi said kindly, "Ruthie, would you like to put on the eye shadow." Ruthie replied "No!!! My shadow!!!"
  • As indicated above, Austin's latest obsession has been Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. That's all he wants to watch 24-7. The other day when he got sent to timeout Heidi overheard Austin quietly brooding in his room, "Why am I such a misfit? I am not such a nitwit. Just because my nose glows, why don't I fit in?"
  • The Red Nosed Reindeer fad has also rubbed off on Ruthie. Whenever she sees Yukon Cornelius she hollers out "Yuuu-konnnn," mimicking Rudolph and Hermie calling out Yukon's name as he falls off the cliff with the abominable snow monster. Ruthie has also nicknamed the snow monster "Rona." Yes, that's Rona as in Mona with an R. Whenever she sees him in the movie or in our Rudolph book she claims matter-of-factly "That's Rona." Tonight we played the ambiguous wrestling game of kill-or-be-rescued-by-Rona. I'm absolutely lost as to how she picked up that name. TV says: "A-bom-in-a-ble Snow Mon-ster." Ruthie hears: "Ro-na."
  • "Cooperate" has been the word of the house for the past couple months. "Now, Ruthie, if you don't cooperate...", "Thanks so much for cooperating...", "Are you ready to cooperate?" And the kids have caught on pretty well. And yet, it just sounds out of place coming from a 2-year-old. "I no co-op-e-wate" sounds like we skipped all the middle chapters and jumped to the back of the handbook on language development.
  • A few weeks ago Heidi was in the church bathroom trying to convince Austin that "this is Jesus' house, so we should be reverent and treat it nicely." Austin's reply was "Wow, I didn't know that Jesus had so many potties in his house." And when one failed to flush he added, "And one of his potties is broken."
  • Yesterday we went to see Tangled in the theater. When we got back Austin proceeded to turn off all the lights in the house. After singing a little song, he informed us, "See, my hair is glowing!!!" Then he made Ruthie sing (her version: "ladl-adl-adl-adl-adl-adl-adl") "Look Ruthie's hair is glowing!!!" In truth, it was pitch black and Austin's hair was definitely not glowing.
  • At church I was sitting on the foyer couch between two others holding Austin for a time out because he screamed at the top of his lungs during the sacrament. Austin was wriggling so I had to hold him down pretty firmly. After struggling for a while he called out "Dad, you're hurting my penis!" Promptly followed by a blush from a Dad and two couch sitters. Yes, he has no qualms about discussing his body parts.
  • Last month on our trip to Disneyland we were taking pictures in front of the CALIFORNIA letters at California Adventure. Ruthie got pictures in front of the R while Anthony and Austin got pictures in front of the A. Then Austin climbed up on the A and yelled out "Take a picture of me inside the A-hole."


Rachel B. said...

Ha ha! Love this. The a-hole?!?! Too funny.

Heidi, I want to call you tomorrow. Sorry I'm lame.

Rachel B. said...

Also, when were you at Disneyland, Hooty? I was there last month too. I guess we can figure it out when we talk. :)

Michelle M said...

My kids know the real words for their privates as well. I didn't want to make nicknames because they always end up sounding silly. And since they know the real words, they don't think it's amusing to say or hear them, like how most children crack up at the word penis or vagina.

Julie said...

Oh my gosh, priceless!! So LOL!

Amber said...

Those are so funny! I love the A-hole quote. Oh and the church foyer incident. I would be mortified.

Alicia F. said...

Hilarious. Glad that you remembered to write these down.

Justin Farmer said...

Hands down the most hilarious post I can remember ever reading, and way to save the best for last!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Holy cow that is all hilarious. I love that your kids are watching so much rudolph. My kids watched it tonight (for the 10th time or so this month). Awesome!

Ok and those stories. fantastic. Way to be blogging Antho.