First and last day of preschool

Austin recently completed a wonderful year of preschool. From September to May he attended "Imagination Station" at Miss Shannon's home every T, W, and Th for 2 hours. A few of the things he learned this year:
  • To write every letter
  • Tracing shapes
  • Cutting practice
  • To spell and write his first name
  • To spell and write his last name
  • His phone number
  • His address
  • To count and write numbers up to 30
  • Days of the week
  • Months of the year
  • And more
One thing I've particularly enjoyed watching him mature in is his group skills. He's always been super friendly, but as he's consistently interacted with these kids and been shaped by this teacher he's improved in his ability to share, take turns, wait or ask for help instead of hitting to get his way, and to sit still and listen. He's still probably the most wiggly kid in the group during "lecture" times, but he is also the youngest of the group - and as I've said, I'm delighted to see improvement.

Happily, he's adjusted to being out of preschool without any tears or complaints, though I know he misses Miss Shannon and his friend Sierra. He'll be turning 5 in August, but will be doing another year of preschool this coming year.

Here's a video of his last day at preschool - they start the day with "Show and Share" then the Pledge of Allegiance and then I got to watch their singing program where they had a song for each letter of the alphabet (we were in TN for the actual graduation program, but luckily I got to go watch them practice).