Best By 8-30-11

This is the "big" gift I gave my parents and sisters for Christmas. That's right! I'm busy cooking baby #3, due Aug 30th. At this point I'm 13 weeks along (though I swear I look 20). I had my first doctor visit last week and heard the heartbeat so I now feel safe in blogging to the world. Sadly, I'm still feeling like garbage everyday. But I'm lucky to have 2 astoundingly adorable children to remind me everyday that the agony is completely worth it.

Austin is so cute about this baby. He loves to pat my tummy or kiss it or sing or talk to the baby. He has already named our baby too - "Buzz Lightyear James Johnson." So even though we don't know the gender, our baby is referred to as "Baby Buzz" and called a "he." I think Austin does realize though that this baby might be a girl, he's just placing his bet. If it does turn out to be a boy I have a feeling the nickname will stick, even though he will definitely be getting a different name. Every Monday when I "advance" to a new week (yes, I am counting down every single day right now), Austin and I sit at my computer and spend almost and hour looking at pictures of "our baby" on babycenter.com to see what he looks like now and all the weeks to come.

Ruthie, on the other hand, is having baby sympathy pains. Well... she's picked up on my global excuse to lay around and whine all day. If she wants her blanket and I tell her to go get it her response is, "You go get it. The baby in my tummy hurts me." If she's hungry and I'm too lazy to feed her she'll tell me, "The baby in my tummy is making me sick." She also knows that Daddy and Austin do not get to use this excuse because "only Mommies and Ruthies can have babies in their tummies."

I am so thrilled that this little one is on it's way. We've planned on a third for a while and so for several months before getting pregnant, when we'd be out on fun family outings, I'd think, "Our next child is missing out on all this fun!" Well no more! Welcome to the fam baby Buzz.