Photo Shoot

Do I have the cutest kids or what?

A quick funny Ruthie story:
Ruthie and I were driving somewhere when she started listing off the people in her family.

Ruthie: "Dere's Roofie and Mommy and Daddy and Tycey and Kaya-Waya and Kawyana and Debbie and Taroo and Gramma and Grampa and Header."

Me: "What about that boy that lives in our house?"

Ruthie: "Huh?"

Me: "Who's the boy in our family?"

Ruthie: "Broder."

Me: "What's his name?"

Ruthie: "Huh?"

Me: "Au..."

Ruthie: "Au... Huh?"

Me: "Brother's name is Au..."

Ruthie: "Au... AuBroder!"

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Alicia F. said...

Holy cow--they are getting so big!