Dressed In White

Eva Summer Johnson
Blessed by her father
Dec 4th, 2011

Also in the circle: grandpa Jim Duffin, great-grandpa Walt Farmer, uncle Tarl Lambson, bishop James Cox

  • Health as you mature
  • Strong love of the gospel
  • A love of the scriptures and desire to search them
  • A desire to come close to your Heavenly Father
  • A desire to do the right things
  • To have compassion and empathy for those around you
  • An ability to gain friends and help those around you
  • To be an example to those around you
  • Blessed with peace

Your family came to support you on your big day. We can't get enough of your smiles. We all love you very much.

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Rachel B. said...

Oh, she looks so sweet and beautiful! You're so good about writing blessing type things down. Your kids will definitely appreciate that.

Also, I love the armpit title down below. :) I'm curious to know how the crying it out thing is going. I don't remember if I told you that we gave it up with Everett for a little bit then just went back to it again a few weeks ago. Much better this time around.