5 Words And Counting

Summer is saying 5 distinct words now! I'm so happy that I get to watch her learn to talk. I'm so happy that one of her words is "mama" and I get to be the one she's talking about when she says that. Her five words (in order of development) are: mama, dada, uh-oh, buh-bye, no. She can also sign: more, please, thank you and her version of "I love you" which is to blow kisses. She has learned several animal sounds this month including: cat, dog, fish, monkey, giraffe, bird and lion-tiger-bear (same sound).

Some cute things she does: She loves to play jailbirds with daddy and the other kids. She runs around the couch and screams with them and its so cute seeing her be engaged in the big kid games. She knows how to clean up. Whenever she spills her cup of water she says "uh-oh" and then goes to get a towel to clean it up. She is the best "hang up your jacket" rule follower in the family. When we come in the house Austin and Ruthie will strip off their shoes and jackets on the way to the living room and drop them wherever. But Summer will stop in the mud room and hold up her foot until I come to take her shoes and jacket off. She tries to enforce this rule with anyone who comes over. As soon as they come through the door she starts trying to help them get their coat off. It's cute; it's as if she's saying, "Hi friend. Take off your jacket and stay a while!"


Julie said...

What sound does a giraffe make??

Rachel B. said...

Ha ha. Love her sitting in the bowl! She's so cute! Maybe I'm crazy, but in those first two pictures I'm totally seeing Anthony. That's the first time I thought that.

Debbie Cranberryfries said...

I just LOVE that gangsta picture. I'm glad you sent it to me! Love that little Summer!