Share Your Christmas Fun Ideas

I'm ramping up for a month of fun in December. I'm excited to have a kid old enough to enjoy the holiday season and I want to play! I'm trying to come up with ideas of things to do and need your help!! Please share with me your favorite family Christmas ideas. Here are some categories to get you thinking:

Movies (TV specials)
Early gifts (decorations, toys)
Outings (that's the big one - stuff like temple square lights - what's out there that I've never heard of or haven't thought of in ten years?)

Thanks everyone!

Nativity Re-enactment 2008


Stephanie said...

We're still working on what we want to do in our little family of four, but so far we go looking at Christmas lights while signing Christmas carols, go to a Nativity re-enactment at a nearby church, read the story out of the Bible and Book of Mormon as well as "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve and open one present and then wake up Christmas morning, open our family presents and eat breakfast, then go over to my parents for the Grandparent stuff.

We always watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas and I love A Christmas Story. We decorate the tree the day (or weekend) after Thanksgiving (although Damien did try to do it last weekend without me knowing) and listen to Christmas music daily.

Rachel B. said...

Today has been my big Christmas decorating day and I am so feeling in the spirit. I had "Elf" playing in the background. I love Christmas movies! "Miracle on 34th Street", "While You Were Sleeping" (not really a Christmas movie, but it takes place during Christmas). Decorating Gingerbread houses is always fun. Sorry I don't really have too many ideas yet as we are just figuring out our own little family traditions as well. Oh, you of course have to take the kiddos on a drive around to look at Christmas lights.

Justin said...

Make gingerbread houses! Alicia's family cheats by using graham crackers and hot glue but hey, better than nothing and saves A LOT of time

Melissa said...

Hey Heidi! I actually was thinking about this the other day, and remembered your post and wanted to comment. :) For us, we always go and see the lights on Temple Square and also the lights somewhere close to home (this year it was the lights on Salem pond). My little boy loves the lights, so that's a fun one. We also just bought candy today to do graham cracker gingerbread houses...I think it's a fun toddler-friendly thing. I'm also all about Christmas TV specials...Home Alone, Elf, White Christmas, all that good stuff. And I have my own personal tradition. I read 'Little Women' every year at Christmastime. It's my favorite book and a fun tradition that I will maybe pass on to my daughters some day. And probably the best tradition we enjoy is choosing a family or someone in need and giving them a Christmas. It is fun now that my little boy is getting older to get him in on it a little and to have fun preparing something for someone else. And the best part is when we get to doorbell ditch it! Hope you're having a great December with your family.:)

Debbie said...

I always loved early gifts as a kid. My brother and I got a new ornament every year that we got to open when the tree went up. Even better was how we got to open one gift on Christmas Eve, even though we didn't get to pick which one and it was always pajamas! We have now started these traditions with our baby girl!