That's Creative

The kids got creative for Halloween. They made a gingerbread "house", except that if it were to be a house, it would've been my project, so instead they made gingerbread cookies. After gobs of mess on the kitchen table, we moved upstairs and painted the tub with frosting.

What's the difference between a 3-yr-old and a 1-yr-old? About 2 pounds of mess.

We had our first snow of the season two days ago. Austin and Anthony went out to play and this is what they built.

Austin has beaten me to the punch - he wrote a book. His creativity also included writing it on post-it notes in green ink in some form of Swahili. But here's the interpretation... (if you compare this video to the one of Austin's tonsils, you'll notice his voice has changed. Less nasally and higher pitched.)

The full story is as follows. Look for it in stores near you:

Once There Was A Spider

Once upon a time there's an Austin and a mommy and there's a scary spider named Ruthie. And she scared mommy. And the spider walk walk walk to mommy. And the spider went up to mommy's head and the spider pulled mommy's hair out of her head. And mommy said, "Oh spider, spider. Where's my hair?" And the spider said, "It's right here in my hand." And my spider friends want their hairs. And mommy said, "Guys, I want my hair back! I want my hair back! I want my hair back!" And the spider said, "Ok. Ok, ok, ok." And the spider get the hair on mommy's head. And the spider get mommy's hair on her. And she drove. And the spider and mommy drive, drive to my house and the spider drive to my house too. And mommy and the spider drive the fastest. And Ruthie and Austin go to work at their office. The End.


Justin Farmer said...

That's one more story than I've written in the past 15 years! Way to go Austin

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Where was I when it snowed? Crazy.

Love the story. And I love that you blogged about it because now if you loose the story you'll always have record and now video of it too!

I started doing that with the kids school assignments so I dont end up with boxes of them after one year.

Rachel B. said...

Reese for sure liked the story. She watched the video like 3 times and kept saying "he's talking to me." Also, I love the video of the kids in the bath especially when Austin is giving Ruthie "love pats" on her back and how it doesn't even phase her. Being the second child certainly makes you tough!

Reese's message to Austin: hj'?"

Michelle M said...

You are an AMAZING MOM for letting your kids #1 decorate their own cookies, and #2 make that huge mess on the tub and each other! But I have to admit that Ruthie looks SO CUTE with different shades of frosting on her face (and back- thanks Austin).

That story is wonderful. How creative of Austin! I love that you video-ed him telling it.

Denver Sims said...

I love reading what fun things they are up to! I'm super impressed...Austin has written more of a book than I have ever even contemplated! =]

Love you guys!