Happy (Utah) Halloween

Halloween comes early in Utah when it falls on a Sunday. Many trick-or-treaters were out and about tonight - including us. Austin selected our costume theme again this year. About a month ago he got super into the new PBS kids show "The Cat In The Hat" - hence The Cat, The Fish, and Thing 1 and Thing 2. I actually get a big kick out of doing family costumes. It'll be sad someday when they want to do their own separate things.

I discovered tonight that I must be a sugar-indulgent mother because this horde of collected candy meant nothing to my children. Austin got home, dumped his loot on the floor, looked at it and announced, "Here daddy, you can have it." Ruthie, on the other hand, wanted to at least try the candy, but only one bite from every package. "Open this, mommy." Bite. Toss. "Open this, mommy." It's ok though, Anthony and I didn't mind eating it all for them.


Michelle M said...

I LOVE your family costume themes! Someday I'll be creative enough to do that. I wish we could have celebrated on Saturday. Our Ward party was Saturday, but trick-or-treating was Sunday only. I didn't want my kids to miss out on the holiday, so we still went trick-or-treating, even though it was the Sabbath today. Wish we were in Utah!

Rachel B. said...

Super cute Heidi! I totally know what you mean about how it's going to be a bummer when our littlest ones won't let us force them into the costumes we want them too. You guys looked great!

We are now back in town and I promise I will call you someday. :)

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Fantastic costumes. I think next year I will force my family to do something themed.

I showed Kalyana how we used to separate our candy. She put it in piles (gummy, things in bags, small things, chocolate things, things with stick) , then counted it, then bagged it.

Though Tyce didnt care about his own candy (he lost it after day 1) he kept sneaking suckers out of Kaly's room.

Makayla must have eaten hers the first day.