The Weepies (I Got Bounced!)

Welcome to "The Weepies"! This has been Anthony's favorite group for about a year now. They did a concert here Saturday night and Anthony got us tickets. I am now totally hooked too! It was a great concert; the only downside being that they only played 10 or so songs and we were well prepared to listen to their entire musical library. If you are reading our blog (not just reading this on an email) you can hear some of their best songs. Click here to check it out. Or watch our concert recording below (if the link is working).

[Us in concert-bought t-shirt and beanie].
Oh, and I got bounced from a club for the first time in my life. (Yes, it was the first time I've ever been to a club in my entire life!) Whenever Anthony and I go out he always drives and pays for everything. I drag along my wallet, hanging conspicuously around my neck like a janitor's keyring. So for once I decided to be free of the burden and leave my wallet at home. Turns out the concert was held at a small music club (with a bar) that held about 300 people. As we approached the front of the line to get in I noticed people showing their IDs. I laughed and said, "Guess I won't be going to the bar tonight! Ha Ha." No ma'am, you won't even be going in. The bouncer dude refused to let us in! Ack! We raced 30 minutes back home, grabbed my stupid wallet, raced 30 minutes back to the concert, missed the opening act and made it 2 minutes before our band took the stage. Phew! Listen up people - never leave your wallet at home!

(Please no commentary on why you should never go without wallet or ID. Believe me, I felt plenty small and stupid about it so just laugh
and don't rub it in.)


Michelle M said...

I rarely bring my wallet when Derrick is driving, so I completely understand (even though I know I SHOULD keep it with me- ugh). I'm glad you guys made it back before the Weepies started. I've never heard of them before, but I like the music clip!!!

Julie said...

What club was it at? We went to a They Might Be Giants at The Depot downtown and I think it's a great concert venue. None of this basketball stadium stuff for me!

Heids said...

It was at The State Room. And I agree, the smaller venue was soooo nice.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Sounds like a great band. I like finding new good music. Plus concerts are awesome. I went to a few but never any at bars. Sounds quite the experience. Next time you dont want to lug your wallet just put your id and a credit card in your back pocket. Still nothing to carry! This has worked wonders for me when I dont need anything else in my purse.