Pregnancy Notes

This picture sums up the Johnson family survival guide to pregnancy...

Nearly 3 pregnancies complete now, I find it interesting to look back and compare them. I think my kids might get a kick out of this someday too. I've always loved the story of how my mom craved cottage cheese when she was prego with me - I can just picture my brain actually being formed out of cottage cheese.

Let's start with the similarities. For me, pregnancy breaks down like this:
  • Weeks 1-5 - I'm pregnant! Yay!
  • Weeks 6-18 - "The Black Hole". I am nauseous, tired and unmotivated. I cope by taking zofran almost round the clock, watching a LOT of TV, eating every 2 hours and giving in to any food craving I have.
  • Weeks 19-34 - Happy days are here again. I love finding out the baby's gender at week 20 - it's my reward for surviving the first trimester. During these weeks I get into a good routine of sleep and exercise, I start making real dinners again and start doing fun activities again.
  • Weeks 33-37 - Hunker down and don't let that baby come early. This is when contractions and weird pains start to appear so I start taking it really easy - killing the exercise routine and staying home as much as possible. Insomnia tends to crop up, making me pretty tired once again.
  • Weeks 38-40 - "Let's do this thing!" Exercise, do jumping jacks, pack the hospital bag. I'm ready to get my body back and eager to meet that new little baby!
Other similarities:
  • Whenever the pregnancies got tough, I relaxed by envisioning the same thing - a family trip to Disneyland!
  • Hardest things to give up: hot baths, deli sandwiches, IB profin, being skinny
  • What I couldn't live without: zofran, breathe right strips, a husband with a flexible work schedule so I can get a morning of extra sleep when I'm desperate, a mom who helps me with the kids at least weekly.
What I look forward to about not being pregnant:
  • Immediately: laying flat on my back while still breathing, laying on my stomach, no more heartburn, sleeping (ok, I know that's short lived), waking up from sleep for reasons other than peeing, aching legs and hunger pains.
  • Within 2 weeks: walking upstairs without feeling winded, laying down on Ruthie's bed when reading her books, picking up stuff off the floor, sitting on the floor without my feet going numb, rolling over in bed, taking a hot bath, doing dishes and washing my hands without twisting my torso completely sideways, no more well-meaning comments like: "I swear you're bigger than the last time I saw you", "Are you still pregnant?", "How much bigger can you get?", "You poor thing!" (The reality is I am 5' tall and now 4' around - seriously - so I try to not be offended and to appreciate the thought instead).
  • Within 2 months: running (gently), eating healthy - controlling my cravings instead of them controlling me, taking all 3 kids out on my own and surviving it!
And the differences (as much as I can remember):
(I'll have to return and edit this after the babes is born).

Frequent foodscereal, frozen burritos, jelloyogurt & granola, toast w/ jambagels & cream cheese, yogurt & granola, Wendy's burger meals
Food aversionsbeef stew, Cafe Riochickenchicken (kind of)
Weight gained (all from exact same starting weight)355060
Biggest painnausea (including an ER trip), HUGE knot in my right shoulderhemorrhoidspartial bed rest for early contractions (33 w)
Unexpected helpdiscovering Zofran at 8w"labor induction massage" (trigger point below ankle) I swear started my laborregular chiro visits - I had no sciatic nerve pain and almost no back pain
Exercise routineNightly walks and talks w/ Antho. First around the old neighborhood, later around the BYU botany pond.Circling the floors of the new SFB on BYU campus while listening to the Dune audiobook.Walking on the treadmill in the basement while listening to Fablehaven 3.
How I passed the timeWatching the original Star Wars series, again w/ commentaries, and all bonus materialReading 5 Stephanie Meyer books, then the Narnia seriesOnline games, online shopping, blogging, Spider solitaire
Why I went to TN (apparently a requirement for me when prego)My first Johnson Christmas (at 6w)-stuck barfing in Nashville for 2 daysIla's death (Antho's grandma) (at 28w)-stuck on tarmac for 2 hours alone w/ tantruming AustinClaire's wedding (at 26w)-blissfully uneventful travel
Where I was workingAltiris - full timeFlexsim - part timefull time motherhood
Major purchases (kids are pricey!)3bed condo (6mo prego)5bed house (2mo post partum)Honda minivan (7mo prego)
Early or late?induced 4 days early4 days early?
Method of deliveryinduction then c-sectionVBAC?
Difficulty of pregnancy855
Difficulty of labor6 (epidural)6 (epidural)?
Length of labor10 hours (7a-9p)10 hours (6a-8p)?
Difficulty of recovery68?
Length of recovery8 weeks1.5 weeks?


Julie said...

Planning another VBAC? They are quite nice compared to C-sections! Good luck!! I don't feel too bad for you if they always end up early and only 10 hours of labor! ;)

Amber said...

Very interesting. I love the graph idea, I should do that. I hope for your sake that the baby comes soon. I know you were hoping for yesterday, but I'm assuming since I haven't heard from you that it's a no go. We're waiting for that call (or text or email or whatever)!

faith said...

Wow, Heidi!! What a chart! How exciting to be so close. I hope the time passes quickly for you and that you have another successful VBAC! I'm excited to see pictures.

Rachel B. said...

This is awesome! What a great thing to have to look back on. 7 days to go?!?! Wahoo!!!!!

Natalie said...

very interesting. we just found out we're pregnant with #3. it will be interesting to compare. congratulations--almost there. i'm at 9 weeks so its hard to see out of the tunnel right now.

Michelle M said...

Wow- you have kept quite a diligent record!