Cat Attack

Beware if you're squeamish...

We "have" a pet cat. He belongs to our neighbors, but he has been a frequent visitor to our house ever since he was a brand-new kitten 3 years ago. The kids named him Filbert (I think his real name is Harley or Harvey) and they love to pet him, chase him and feed him whenever he stops by. I think this is a great setup because we get all the benefits of having a pet without any of the actual work (unless you count the fact that we have to scoop his poo out of our sandbox).

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Well last Sunday, Austin was out back feeding Filbert some chicken. Suddenly he comes running in the house crying and clutching the top of his head. Apparently Austin had tried to give Filbert a hug and it was either too hard, or Filbert was trying to get to the food, or something. Austin said he jumped on his head and bit and scratched him.

After deliberating for several hours we finally took him to the Urgent Care where they prescribed antibiotics (cats have very bacterial mouths apparently) and put 8 staples in his head! Check it out.

Austin later wrote a book about his experience titled, "Staples In Your Head."

"[ ] (staples) in your head"
Picture: a stapler

Austin is picking Filbert up.

Filbert scratches me up.

The doctor uses a staple gun to put staples in my head.

"Ding Dong"

It's a whale toy from the neighbors who own Filbert (an apology gift).

The doctor is taking the staples out and a hair.

We still love Filbert dearly. Two days later Filbert came back and after a hesitant moment, Austin was sitting and petting him while Filbert purred. All was forgiven.


Rachel B. said...

Oh my word! That is insane. Reese is sitting next to me asking repeatedly, "Why would a cat do something like that?" Poor Austin! And staples? You're not kidding about actual staples. That's amazing that he's not more traumatized. Oh this makes me sad.

On a happier note...Ruthie's new do is super cute! Her bangs are so in too! :)

Juls said...

oh my! that is CRAZY! ouch staples. you are a much better blogger than I am! you are AMAZING!