Look Who's Walking

At 11 months old Summer still hadn't taken her first steps. She had shown a few signs of preparation - such as standing for longer and longer periods of time and cruising along the furniture. But a few of the big signs were missing - she didn't "step" between furniture items and she was reticent to holding our hands to help her walk. I figured she wouldn't be walking until sometime after her first birthday.

She was holding out on us.

About a week ago she was standing up (as she's done many times in the past few months) and suddenly took one unassisted step to Austin. We cheered. The next night she decided the time had come. She stood up on her own, took two steps and fell, stood again and took a few more steps. She spent about an hour that evening practicing. She walked back and forth between Anthony and I a few times, but often if we tried to stand her up she would go slack in the legs. She preferred to stand up on her own and try over and over again while we cheered her on. I seem to have a very independent girl on my hands here.

A week into this walking business, Summer has taken up to 30 tenuous steps before falling. She now likes to start toward her destination in walking mode, but after she falls she crawls the rest of the way. Walking is not quite yet the preferred mode of transportation, but it looks like it will be by the time she hits her first birthday.

A few other cute pics...
Mimicking mom. She "combs" her hair and "talks" on the phone.

Dressing herself. She loves to try to put on clothes and shoes.


Rachel B. said...

I LOVE when they start to walk! She looks so darling. And combing her hair and putting on clothes and shoes??? I have to admit that that makes me miss having a baby GIRL. Too cute!

Bridget said...

So cute. I love her blue eyes.