Penguin Party

Austin is now Mr. 6. It's a big year as he enters the world of real school next week! As always seems to happen for this boy, we celebrated his birthday with an entire week of celebrating and gift-receiving.

Opa was in town a few days before Austin's birthday. Summer got to meet him for the first time! Ruthie, as usual, crawled right into his lap and stayed there for 3 straight days (not really, but she loves her Opa).

The first round of gifts came from Opa. The most exciting one was this lego space shuttle. Austin stayed up until 11pm building this and then he played with it non-stop for 5 days (until the next wave of gifts).

The space shuttle doors open to reveal an arm and satellite.

On August 1st we held the big party. Can you guess the theme?
Club Penguin, of course! Austin helped or even created most of the game ideas.
Arriving guests created their own penguins.
Next we played "Pin the beak on the Penguin" in order to earn "memberships."
Next it was time to adopt a puffle. (The membership was necessary so the kids could adopt any color puffle).

Guests: Austin, Mathew Springer, Ethan Sorro, Nathan Perkins, Emma Smalley (Ruthie's invite), David Smalley, Joseph Craner, Ruthie, Corbin and Calvin Montier
Game: Gone Fishin'. The kids caught yellow fish (peppridge farm goldfish) and red mullets (swedish fish).
Game: Aqua Grabber. Using the robot arm, the kids had to capture as many barrels of cream soda as  they could in 1 minute.
Other games included: Jet-Pack Adventure (jumping off the stairs), Puffle Rescue (crossing the multi-colored carpet), and Sled Racing (relay races outside).
Cake Time. 6 candles!
Puffle cupcakes! I'm proud of myself for even trying to make creative cake. 
More gifts! Of the this lot this helicopter was a fav, as was the Cars headlamp.
Since Austin was inundated with gifts, we held our presents for another 2 days. We stuck with the Club Penguin theme and got him and Ruthie puffles, a puffle play set, and card jitsu cards.

Another 2 days later the cousins came to visit from Idaho. Since these guys are Club Penguin experts, we rehashed the entire birthday party just for them.

And this still wasn't the end of it! Austin had one more family party to come... but that's next blog post.
Now my favorite part - a little bit about Austin. With some suggestions from me, here's the interview I conducted with him:

How is being 6 different from being 5? Bigger. One more number. A little bit taller.
What special things will you do this year? Go to kindergarten.
What was the best thing about being 5? Mrs. Bailey (his preschool teacher).
What are you proud of yourself for learning this past year? Doing circles on the tricky bar (meaning he can flip himself over a horizontal bar), reading (I love this! He's so good!), swinging by myself, riding my balance bike, being good at math (he can do any addition or subtraction under the number 10!)
What makes you happy? Wrestling with daddy, playing with mommy's hair, back scratches, invisible stories, Disneyland

  • Color: green
  • TV show: Wild Kratts (though we hardly watch it anymore)
  • Movie: Incredibles
  • Computer Game: Club Penguin
  • Food: Pizza
  • Breakfast: Frosted Mini-Spooners
  • Dessert: Oreo cookies
  • Toy: green puffle, legos
  • Shirt: Super-A shirt
  • Story: Kids' club stories (the ones I tell him at night)
  • Story that's a book: Wonder Woman books, Calvin and Hobbes
  • Thing to do: Play with my sisters
  • Best friend: Kalyana

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