Our Summer Sun is 1

We like to spread out the birthday celebrations around here, so Summer's big cake-smashing event was actually 2 weeks ago when we celebrated all the Duffin-side July/August birthdays. My mom's birthday desire was an over-nighter in Brighton. Here are some pics from that fun event:


Austin and Summer enjoyed lots of spoiling from grandma (and grandma enjoyed lots of family together time). We had a blast walking through nature, playing card games, doing scavenger and arrow hunts and the kids played "spy" with Austin's bday spy gadgets for several hours.

Summer got some adorable gifts from Oma and Opa - these cute books and stuffed animal. Perfect for my explorative baby!

Summer's big present from Grandma was this super fun indoor slide. I love that Summer still gets her full measure of spoiling even if she is grandkid #6. She's seems to be such big stuff as she scales the slide all by herself.

Yesterday was the actual big day. We celebrated with a little (very little) family party. We played ring around the rosies, duck-duck-goose and had crawling/walking races. Summer "opened" her "gifts". Ok, I confess, it was a bucket of 1-year-old appropriate toys that I hid in the basement when she was born and waited for a year before we opened them again. It was all Anthony's idea and it worked out great.

And to top it all off, Summer got to eat as much ice cream as she wanted. We discovered Summer's ice cream passion about a month ago when Ruthie was eating an ice cream sandwich at grandma and grandpa's house. Summer was strapped in her highchair and Ruthie was giving Summer bites. She got distracted talking to grandma and was holding the sandwich just a few inches from Summer's face and she couldn't reach it. After a few minutes our little bear cub let out the loudest "RRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!!" we'd ever heard her make! She quickly got her ice cream and she apparently learned that a good "Rar" will always buy her some ice cream bites.

And now for my favorite part. The personality snapshot of my baby:
  • Her only "word" so far is "mamamamamama" which I think she associates with me. She makes lots of other cute sounds. Her most frequent sounds are "Uh! Uh!" which either means "give me" or "pick me up", "Ach!" which is her happy squeal, and "Roar" which gets a lot of surprised looks from non-family members.
  • We're working on the signs for "milk" and "more". She's really good at the sign for milk, but she also uses it for "bye-bye" and for "give me that thing I'm looking at."
  • At this age she is the most stranger-shy of my 3 kids. It's been tough to get babysitters because Summer will just whimper and cry the entire time we're away, even if her siblings are around.
  • At this age she has the blondest hair of my 3 kids.
  • Currently the song I most often associate with her is "It's A Sunshine Day" by The Brady Bunch. "I think i'll go for a walk outside now, the summer sun's callin' my name..."
  • When she "dances" she doesn't bob up and down like most babies, instead she crosses her arms back and forth in front of her.
  • She has 7 1/2 teeth.
  • When she "kisses" she bites, but (most of the time) it doesn't hurt.
  • All the food restrictions were lifted by 11 months old for this kid (those teeth help a lot!), yet ironically she is the least weaned of my kids by this age (I have to work on that).
  • She sucks the two middle fingers of her right hand. I wonder if she'll turn out to be left handed because of it.
  • She is a great sleeper. We have a fan in her room to create white noise and she has definitely developed an association with the sound of the fan. As soon as I turn in on, she tilts her body to the side like she's ready to lay down and starts sucking her fingers. She currently sleeps from 6pm to 5 or 6am, gets a bottle and goes back to sleep until about 8am.  Anthony is still my hero and is still in charge of that early morning feeding. She takes 1 nap in the afternoon around 11 or 12 for 2-3 hours. 
  • Summer loves her daddy. It's so cute to see her giggle and waddle/run to him as soon as he gets home from work.
  • She's a climber. She loves to climb up on our kid-size chairs, stand up while holding onto the back and shake her little booty. She also climbs up on our craft table whenever a chair is close enough to give her access. 
  • One of her nicknames is "The Marker Sucker" because if she gets a hold of a marker she immediately pulls off the lid and sucks it dry.
  • In our nightly Kid's Club stories, Summer's character has a comedic role. In the stories if I make Summer attack villains or talk about her diaper it is hilarious to Austin and Ruthie.
  • She likes swinging in her baby swing outside (great gift from aunt Debbie).

  • She loves splashing in the bathtub, especially if Ruthie is with her. She giggles and kicks up a storm.
  • As of last week walking is definitely the preferred way to get around.

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Amber said...

I can't believe she is already one and I can't wait to see her in a few months. What a cutie!