More Bedtime Conversations with Austin

"Daddy will you come and lay by me for a while?"
"Sure, since you've been so cooperative for bedtime I'll lay by you for a few more minutes."
"No Daddy, not for a few minutes. I want you to lay by me for a while."
"Daddy, do you know what a while means?"
"What does a while mean?"
"There are lots of wild animals, like polar bears and lions and aardvarks. They're wild. But that's not what a while means. Do you know what a while means?"
"What does a while mean?"
"It's something that takes time, like sometimes church takes a while, and sometimes I play in the yard for a while, and sometimes you lay by me for a while."

"Daddy, what were you like when you were little, like when you were one years old?"
"Well, when I was little I was a lot like you."
"Really? Did you have yellow hair like me?"
"Yep, just like you."
"Did you have yellow skin like me?"
"Did you have Mickey Mouse socks like me?"
"You know, I don't remember if I had Mickey Mouse socks."
(Austin tapping Daddy on the head) "Remember brain, remember brain, remember brain..."
"Actually, I think I do remember, and I don't think I had any Mickey Mouse socks like you when I was little."
"Well, I guess you weren't that much like me after all."


Rachel B. said...

Oh, I love these! They literally made me LOL.

Heids said...

So glad you wrote that down Mr. Man! It made me laugh again. Oh we have the cutest kids!

Kathleen said...

Priceless! I love it!

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I love little kid talk. Anthony is so good to write these down!