Ruthie's Secret Night Life

I could also title this post "The Best Present Ever." A little over a month ago, Anthony bought me the best pregnancy-survival gift... Star Trek! He bought the complete set of Voyager and we have both been enjoying it tons (we already own and have watched Next Generation). We've settled in to a nice little night-time routine of putting the kids to bed, cleaning up for 45 minutes or so, watching an episode of Voyager and then going to bed nice and early at 10pm. It's been great for my pregnancy because 1) it gives me something to look forward to at the end of every day and 2) it gives me a great wind-down routine and early bedtime that both help me stay ahead of the sleep game. We've got about 140 episodes left and 135 days of pregnancy to go. It looks likely that this will be the routine for next 5 months.

As for Ruthie's part in all this... As mentioned in a previous post, she still takes a good afternoon nap most days, but is then up until 10pm. About a week in to our new routine she wandered downstairs all quiet and shy, crawled in to Anthony's lap and watched a Voyager episode with us, then happily went right to bed afterwards. She was so darn cute. And what Trekkie parent can resist sharing Star Trek with their kid? Ruthie's bedtime routine is now as follows. She gets ready for bed at 7:30 with Austin, then is required to stay quietly in her room for an hour, then we go get her so she can watch Voyager with us. It's a crack up to walk in to her room and have her jump off her bed asking, "IS IT TIME FOR VOYAGER?" We do have to be selective about which episodes she watches - most episodes are really just standing around talking, but some are scary, intense or show gross looking aliens. We have to read ahead to know which episodes to save for the nights when she falls asleep early (or violates the "stay in your room till we come get you" rule).

Austin doesn't know about Ruthie's nightly privileges and I've contemplated feeling guilty about it, but then I realized that, being the oldest, he's had lots of special Mom & Dad time when Ruthie wasn't here or was still a baby. Plus he's completely zonked out by 9pm every night. Someday, though, I intend to get Austin hooked in to the Star Trek world too.


Rachel B. said...

This is so cute and hilarious!! "Is it time for Voyager?" I think that's so darling that she has her own time with mommy and daddy. And especially that includes watching Star Trek. Ooo, I just noticed that you have "Matched" on your "bookshelf". I hardly ever read, but my friend just brought that book over and told me that I should read it. It looks interesting.

Amber said...

So cute...and fun for her. I agree, you shouldn't feel one bit of guilt over this new routine. This is your little bit of extra time together.

Aden and Jamie said...

Star Trek! My husband has gotten into Star Trek Enterprise. He has been checking them out from the library so he has to watch multiple episodes a day to get them all in before he has to return them. I have never been into Star Trek but I must say I find myself getting into some of the episodes.

faith said...

That is so funny! What a fun thing to do together!
Also, I hope your doing well - with pregnancy and just in general. It's been fun to see your updates recently. Looks like everybody is doing great. And your kids are getting so big! I love it.

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

How fun is that!? Seriously once a kid or two are in bed and there is no fighting I'm ok with one of them staying up. Especially if they're just sitting around not crying or anything. I love that it's turned into a little ruthie bonding time. Cute!