Claire's Wedding

On May 28th we were in TN to witness the beautiful wedding of Claire and Joe.

They were married in the Erin Presbyterian church, where the Johnson family has attended (and still attends) a Christmas Eve candlelight ceremony ever since they were little kids. It was fun to see the wedding in that meaningful place and to have it performed by pastor John Stuart who has the cutest Scottish accent and a funny personality to go with it.

After the wedding was a gorgeous reception at aunt Jan's Bluebird Hill reception center - with live music and delicious food. There was even a merry-go-round for the kids (where mine pretty much took up residence for the evening).

Claire and Joe are such a great match and obviously very happy together. We were so glad we got to be there!

The beautiful bridesmaids. Sisters: Hilary, Amber, Kerry, (bride) Claire, (friend), (niece) Olivia, Tiffani.

The week before the wedding we spent vacationing in TN. We joined up with Amber, Mike and Henry to be tourists for a few days. Dad was awesome and joined us for most of the outings.

We spent one afternoon at Ripley's Aquarium in Gatlinburg.

One evening Dad took a group out on his boat. Anthony water skied and Austin was brave enough to go tubing!

Another day took us to the Knoxville Zoo where the kids got to feed camels. One evening we went to a splash park downtown only to realize we'd forgotten swimsuits, but the kids didn't care! (Luckily we had extra clothes on hand). On another afternoon Anthony took the kids swimming in Dee's pool where Ruthie had a blast jumping off the diving board over and over (look closely in the picture below). And of course, one of the big highlights of Oma and Opa's house is all the animals. Rummy (in the picture) is the favorite (and most kid-friendly), but the other dogs and cats were a big thrill too. Austin and Ruthie also loved seeing cousins Henry, Olivia, Sophie and Rosie (in the doggie picture).

As for me, I'm just thrilled that this trip to TN while pregnant was nothing but fun!

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