Cousin Tyce

Tyce has been over for a few sleepovers. Here's some of our fun adventures.

Hot Chocolate anyone?
My kids got very hooked on Swiss Miss hot chocolate with marshmallows this past winter. They preferred to add and stir the mix into luke-warm milk themselves. Often they would pick out the mallows by hand, spoon-eat the sugary powder right off the top, then drink the milk.

Superheroes and Gymnasts!
Yes, my kids think those are "big stickers" and have come to specifically use them for making superhero letters on their shirts. Austin and Tyce are 'A' and 'T', but since 'R' is too hard, Ruthie is usually 'X'. And that "gymnastics bar" and "jungle gym" is Austin's closet. It amazingly holds up just fine and has turned out to be a great toy for my little monkey children.

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Melissa said...

I love their 'stickers.' That is hilarious!