"Those Girls That Live Far Away"

We had some super fun visitors a week ago - Reese and Claire Bjorkman. Last summer we went to CO to visit them and the four kids totally hit it off. This summer we got to have them over to our house for a day while their parents were attending a funeral. The popular game this go-round was "The Ouchie Bum Bum Slide" - two mattresses propped up at an angle in the playroom closet where Austin and Reese would climb to the top, squeeze in between, and slip down. Ruthie and Claire laughed their guts out watching them.

At the end of their 8 hours together, which was seriously fun for them the whole time, when asked to say goodbye, they referred to each other as "the big girl" or "the little girl" or "that boy". I guess names are truly secondary to good friends. Speaking of good friends, it was a huge delight to visit with Rachel too. Next summer in CO?

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Rachel B. said...

That's us, that's us! It made me smile when I saw the title on my sidebar. :) That was seriously hilarious how they never quite figured out each other's names. Such cute little people. I'm glad they got along so well. Thanks again times 100 for watching them ALL day long!