A Little Ruthie

Just a little Ruthie cuteness...
I love the picture of great-grandma Ruth reading to her little Ruthie.

Ruthie is a swimmer. It's the reason Austin and Ruthie no longer share bathtime... she insists on kicking all the toys out so she can lay down and "swim." She's actually done this her whole life, but now she's too big to swim with brother in the tub too. Look out Olympics 2028, this girl will be bringing home some swimming medals.

This video is from Feb, a week or two after Ruthie first figured out how to use the mouse. I loved the role reversal here - where Austin is the helper and Ruthie is the one driving.

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Rachel B. said...

Ha ha. Love the blurred out bathtub picture. She is definitely a cutie! And your kids and their computer skilz. Pretty amazing. I just barely let Reese on the computer for the first time a couple weeks ago (PBS Kids). She is now completely obsessed. What have I done?! ;)