Kinda Nice

In the past few weeks, my kids have started doing something amazing - playing nicely together for more than 5-minutes! We've even had some 30-minute stretches in there. For the first time ever I feel like I can let them disappear into the playroom without following them (or constantly being a "hawk" as Anthony and I call it).

What's going on? Is it that I'm too pregnant and lazy to be a hawk so the kids are being forced to figure out how to get along? Is it that Austin is nearly 5 and more mature? Is it that Ruthie is nearly 3 and better able to hold her own? Is it that Ruthie is growing up and becoming a more fun playmate to Austin? Probably some of all of it.

Of course, life is a roller coaster. After 4 good days in a row, we had 3 awful ones with a zillion time-outs. Then a couple good half-days. That's how it goes. Still, I'll take it.

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Michelle M said...

Derrick calls it "helicopter parenting" when I hover to fix a disagreement. My kids have been doing better playing together, too. Sometimes I can even lay down in bed and take an hour nap- it's amazing! But of course they're usually watching a movie or playing on the computer while I'm sleeping, but at least they can behave themselves.