Jail Birds

When daddy gets home from work (and after dinner) the call goes out, "Daddy, are you ready to wrestle?!" It amazes me how my kids (mostly Austin so far) come up with clever and unique games. The kiddos have named some of the games they've invented.

Get Past Daddy - Run from one side of the room to the other without getting caught. Daddy plays on his knees.
Steal The Hat - Daddy puts something on his head to be the "hat". Try to steal it.
Stay On Daddy - Daddy is the bucking bronco.
Show Your Moves - Classic wrestling, where you periodically show off your karate chops and kicks before you attack (though we only attack with wrestling moves, not hits or kicks).
Jail Birds - Run around the couch until daddy catches you and puts you in "jail" on the couch. Escape and do it again. A little sample of this game...

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