July 4th

The "Fourth" came early this year as we started our celebrations at Debbie's house a few days early. We had a fill-your-tummy-busting-full picnic and lit off smoke bombs, snaps and parachutes. Parachutes are definitely a favorite around here- the kids love chasing down the chutes.

On the actual big day we had my parents and Heather and grandparents over for dinner, more parachutes and (other people's) evening fireworks. This was the first year we've been in our own neighborhood and we discovered just how patriotic (aka pyromaniac) our area is. Thanks to ariels being legal this year we could see 5 different shows from my yard and hear 2 others. I couldn't help thinking of my ligyrophobic friend Rachel as we sat there in the middle of what sounded like a war zone. It was loud! The kiddos weren't too excited by the exploding lights, but they sure loved getting to stay up extra late.

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Rachel B. said...

Ha ha! So sad I couldn't have been there. ;) I love that you just posted Christmas. I did mine super late this year too. You may have inspired me to go back and do Easter now. :)